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4640 34th Street
Lubbock, TX 79410

How we approach getting your car to look its best!


Automatic Bays, Self-Serve Bays & Vacuums

Our AUTOMATIC BAYS offer a wide variety of wash choices. You have the option to choose which features you would like. We proudly allow duallys and certain lifted pick up trucks.

Our SELF SERVE BAYS are well equipped and will accommodate all vehicles, trucks, construction equipment, boats, horse trailers, motorcycles, toys, etc.

Our VACUUMS are kept clean and are easily accessible at every location. We have attendants on site daily that pick up trash, make sure vacuum suction is optimal, and keep customers satisfied. 


Our SOFT TOUCH EQUIPMENT uses closed cell foam, NOT cloth brushes. Closed cell foam does not absorb liquid or dirt, so your vehicle is safe from scratches. This non-absorbent feature actually creates a vacuum between the foam and the vehicle’s surface which generates a great deal of friction for a deep clean!



Well equipped and large enough to fit any legal highway size vehicle, trailer, semi, or toy! Our SELF-SERVE BAYS feature everything you can imagine to get the job done!

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